Stake, Farm, Lend &
Earn With Ease.

Toshify is your DeFi yield farming plug to farm YFT and harvests other third party protocols.

All your DeFi protocols in one place

  • Optimize funds across all your favorite protocols
  • Smart account to manage all your digital assets in one place
  • Manage your DeFi position across multiple protocols without compromising your safety or security

Earn for Using Decentralized Apps

  • Your Decentralized exchange plus your favorite protocols
  • Most secure way to trade, lend and borrow with smart contracts.
  • Earn our native token on top of your investment interests.

100% trustless

  • We ensure that there is no way to access your funds to make it as robust and secure as possible. Designed and models with maximum security.
  • Withdraw your liquidity and interest at any time.

What are the use-cases for our tokens?

We are building an ecosystem for yield farming and DeFi Protocols that will add value for YFT tokens. When the ecosystem is fully launched there will be a need to lock the tokens out of circulation for incentives from other protocols. YFT will also be used to unlock more incentives while we add value to your earning.

Our Ecosystem

Our goal is crypto adoption through DeFi, We mean real DeFi products that will change decentralized finance with a guaranteed yield that will withstand the test of time. We have registered domain names to build different DeFi products that will interoperate with each other like smart chains. Each of this product will add value to our ecosystem plus use cases for our tokens. There will be a lot of incentives to encourage users to our ecosystem.